Where are the custom leather saddlebags made?
Iron Bags are hand-built in a small town just outside Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our family owned shop has been designing and making these high quality custom leather saddlebags for Harley Davidson motorcycles for over 20 years.

What kind of leather do you use for the saddlebags?
Our large bolt-on Harley saddlebags are made of top grain American saddle leather. These hides are vegetable tanned from Hermann Oak Leather, a company that started tanning hides in the 1880's. The vegetable tanning process is more expensive but produces a firmer hide with superior shaping qualities.

Can I put whatever I want on my custom saddlebags?
We offer our motorcycle saddlebags from plain to totally decked out. There are also some photo links from the price list to better describe certain options.

How are Iron Bags custom leather saddlebags different?
The fiberglass backing gives us the ability to fit the saddlebag snug to the bike chassis. Also, the fiberglass provides strong support and a secure mounting to the motorcycle. The fiberglass back can be seen on the 360 spin images.

Do I need to change my motorcycle to mount your custom saddlebags?
Often the blinkers need to be moved. With most custom leather saddlebags you need a low profile exhaust.


How do the custom saddlebags mount to the motorcycle?
We include all mounting hardware required along with easy to follow instructions. Usually any problem can be handled with a phone call to Max at our shop.

How long will it take to get my motorcycle saddlebags?
These are custom ordered Harley Davidson saddlebags that are made up as they are received. Usually the minimum wait time is about three weeks. However, during peak riding season longer delays can be experienced. We strongly encourage you to order your motorcycle saddlebags early.

Can I order the custom saddlebags in white leather?
Yes, we have a white pair of custom leather motorcycle saddlebags pictured in the photo gallery. A large variety of colored hides can be special ordered to customize your Harley saddlebags.

Can I order saddlebags in brown?
We can custom dye your motorcycle saddlebags in some browns and tans.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, we do have payment plan options available for your custom leather motorcycle saddlebags. Please give us a call and we'll work something out.